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Roll-in T Nuts

Roll-in T Nuts for aluminum extrusion profile with ball, made of steel / stainless steel M3-M8 for aluminum profile 2020/30/40/50 series from China T Nuts Manufacturer.

Roll-In T Nuts Roll-in T Nuts drawing

Roll-in T Nuts for 20/30/40/45 series Aluminum extrusion profile.
Material: Steel / Stainless Steel  A2 /A4
Size: M3-M8

Model Size A B M H
20S-M3 M3 14 8.2 0.4 4.2
20S-M4 M4
20S-M5 M5
20S-M6 M6
30S-M4 M4 20 11.5 0.5 6.7
30S-M5 M5
30S-M6 M6
30S-M8 M8
40S-M4 M4 22 13.5 0.5 7.2
40S-M5 M5
40S-M6 M6
40S-M8 M8
45S-M4 M4 23 15 0.5 7.9
45S-M5 M5
45S-M6 M6
45S-M8 M8